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Career Guidance and Counselling

EVA Solutions offers career guidance and counselling to learners in South Africa from grade 9 to 12, as well as people looking for a career change. EVA offers you aonline career guidance through Career Navigator. EVA also delivers career counselling programs to schools throughout South Africa, through their affiliate company Kutlwano Career Services.

Online career guidance 

Online Career Guidance - Career Navigator

Career Navigator is a 45 minute online exercise which guides you through a series of questions that culminates in identifying those jobs that best fit your strengths and values. Ideal if you want an answer now!

Career Navigator - online career assessment
Career guidance to schools in South Africa

Career Guidance Programmes to Schools - Kutlwano Career Services

Many companies are choosing to sponsor career guidance in schools as part of their CSI responsibility. Kutlwana Career Services uses EVA Solutions to facilitate the delivery of professional career guidance to schools throughout South Africa.

Kutlwano Career Services - Career Guidance in Schools

Make the Right Choice

Kutlwano Career Services Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. The result of a bad choice has a negative impact on the individual, the company and the country. Kultwana Career Services has selected EVA Solutions to facilitate the delivery of professional career guidance programmes throughout South Africa.

Contribute to building a better South Africa by sponsoring a school as part of your CSI initiative. Contact EVA Solutions for more information.
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